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Design Styles

The essence of the minimalist style is a clutter free space that has very crisp and structured lines and has a simplified color palette. A minimalist interior is reduced to the very bare essentials and incorporates the use of very few materials. 
Japanese design is often referenced when speaking of this particular style. 
The Urano Bed by Leonardo Dainelli

This design style embodies a lot of the same qualities as minimalist style but adds a little edge with personal effects and color. 
This yellow kitchen is the perfect example of a modern interior. The lines are  straight and clean yet the touch of yellow adds a welcoming appeal to the space. The light fixture is funky and hip but the white makes it crisp and ties all the elements together. 

Courtesy of interiorcomplex.com

Modern Chic
Modern Chic is the house that you think is so warm and comfortable because of the color,soft fabrics,cozy furniture, and art work but it still has those modern elements that keep it from being frumpy. It's the Anthropologie inspired space that has an eclectic feel. Mixing antique treasures with modern day structure, is exactly what this style calls for. 
The Atelier Chesterfield Sofa from Anthropologie. 

Traditional is what we all know as classic. This space usually has a lot of woodwork and crown moldings and can sometimes seem a bit stuffy yet elegant. 

Photographer: Simon Upton  Designer: Donatella Versace